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Meet Your 2017 HELISET HALE Relay Team!

This group of dedicated runners have been training over this past year to take part in Vancouver Island’s 2017 HELISET HALE Relay. 2017 marks the 3nd year of the HELISET HALE Relay and we are excited to celebrate this with Vancouver Island!

Kelly Paul - Founder and Coordinator of Heliset Hale organization. 

Kelly is a member of the Tsartlip First Nation Community. She is a young leader who was born and is rooted in her community. She continually encourages the best from her community and has a passion for others succeed. 

Janice is from Tseshaht First Nation and is the daughter of John H.Watts (Sii kuulth miik) and Gail Gus (Tla api ah). Janice’s traditional name ƛiniiḥak translates as 4 colors of the rainbow and symbolizes hope for the future. Janice is grateful and looking forward to this opportunity to raise awareness on Suicide Prevention and Mental Health & Wellness. She dedicates this run to all the loved ones that we have lost to suicide, drug addiction or alcohol addiction. It is important to Janice that we recognize that mental health & wellness is essential to the health outcomes of our loved ones.  

“I will not give up the fight, I will keep fighting for our future generations” ~ Janice Johnson

Brandon Reeder - I'm a member of the Kwakiutl First Nations (located in Port Hardy area), Living in The Comox Valley for 4 years. Part of the running club, The Comox Valley Road Runners who have helped me become a better/stronger runner. I started running because my great-uncle Richard Hunt designed a t-shirt for the Times Colonist race in 2016 that i wanted. Ever since then I've been addicted to the amazing sport of running and encourage others to go out and do something healthy. I also like to cycle to work - I work at the Comox Airport. It's great, they let me get time off to do different running events including the Heliset Hale Run. I have a lovely adopted mother (Shana Reeder) who's raised me and my twin sister for almost 20 years and has been the best mom in the world. I have a older adopted sister, adopted dad and 3 younger half siblings in Alberta. My First Nations name is Me-las. I'm looking forward to running with Heliset Hale for two weeks. I'm a proud Kwakwaka'wakw First Nations. 

Edward, ƛicitatḥ (Edward Johnson), is from Huu-ay-aht First Nation and is the son of Edward Johnson SR and Donna Shaw-Knighten. Edward is a proud husband and father of 4 beautiful children who has always strived to better himself for the future of his family and peoples. For Edward, he always wanted to stay fit because his grandpa Ralph was always so active. Grandpa was a great role model that showed the importance of being physically fit and was always leading by example. Edward says, “There is no better way to raise awareness then to talk, to share and let people know that they are not alone!”

I’m Laqwalaogwa, my English name is Tanille. I’m the granddaughter of Elmer and Rose Dick from the WeWaiKai Nation of Cape Mudge and also of Barbara and Keith Johnston. It’s a great privilege to be able to run with the Heliset Hale Suicide Prevention, Mental Health and Wellness Team from September 10th to the 24th, 2017. Suicide is something that has hit hard in my home town of Campbell River, we have lost many friends and family over the last few years alone. Suicide is something that is completely preventable, but it’s also something that requires not just personal change in each individual to take ownership over how they affect others, but systemic change, from the bigger systems, where many of the barriers and challenges individuals face day to day are established. I’ll run for Beau, Devin, Chase, and the numerous others that myself, my friends and my family have lost as well as those that are currently struggling. "If your not enough without it, you'll never be enough with it" -Cool Runnings; go after the things you deserve in life, earn them, nothing feels better.

Jim Charlie is from Tsartlip. He is a Proud father and hard working man. He loves to keep fit, culturally grounded and learning more about First Nation traditional teachings He is excited to be on the relay run and share this journey with his son Shyquintin as they run together. 

Shyquintin Charlie is from Tsawout and his parents are Becky Wilson and Jim Charlie. He is running the island for the 2nd time and he ran his first year as part of the team at age 18. He looks forward to doing it again with his Dad Jim Charlie. He strongly believes in the purpose of the run and says “If you can take it, then you can make it.” 

Francis jr Luaifoa, is from Sliammon which is on the mainland. He is super excited to join the relay this year for the 1st time. He looks forward to visiting the communities and taking time to visit everyone.

Bobby Boyd is Cree and Metis. He is Passionate Nature-Ninja, Recreation Therapist, Director FASD Keyworker program, Stand up Paddler, Yogi, mountain biker, runner, hiker, camper, hammock lover, Westfalia driver, adventurer and a true believer in the human spirit.  I believe in the power of community and that everyone should have access to the healing, bliss, thrill, awe and fun that takes place in the great outdoors.  

Nick Keays is traditionally from Keeseekose. He is enthused to run this year and be part of the team! This is important for him to do, as he also lost his best friend to Suicide. He wants to share the importance of community and reaching out for help. He wants to share the value of doing life together.

A new team is picked every year, for this relay. The men and women named to the Relay Team each year sacrifice a lot of their time, and train on the road with long-distance endurance runs — to help prepare the team for the physical demands of the nearly 900 kilometer, two-week relay.
Every year we seek new applicants for the year ahead in a dedicated year of commitment for the run. For more info on how to apply please email for an application to join us for the following year.

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